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How Can Wistful Hands Help You?

Passive Income

(You Get the Big Slice)

You’ll always keep the lion’s share of your sales.

*For higher-priced bundles and albums, you keep an even larger percentage.

Other than our commission, this is a completely free service. It costs you literally $0.00 use the platform and boost your income.

We are dedicated to helping modern classical pianists succeed, and this is our way of providing you with a means to make extra money. We realize that in order for us to stay afloat, YOU have to succeed first! And that brings us to…

Free Marketing

Wistful Hands advertises its entire sheet music shop, which in turn will result in traffic that will find your music. Every now and then your artist profile will be featured on the site. 

It’s still a very good idea to promote your own Wistful Hands artist page in whatever ways you can. Just think of Wistful Hands as helping hands in your larger marketing game.


Spotify Playlist Promotion

We have just begun curating our very own Spotify playlists. They are currently small, but we expect them to grow. We will promote your music on our Spotify playlists free of charge.*

*Tracks are usually only promoted on playlists if their sheet music counterpart is being sold on WistfulHands.com. But sometimes we may add a track with no sheet music if it’s a really good fit for the playlist. No guarantees though!



Sell with Wistful Hands and maintain the rights to sell your sheet music anywhere else in the universe.

Transcription Services (not free)

If you’re an artist in need of sheet music to sell, we offer professional, high quality music transcription services to turn audio of your performances into sheet music.


  1. Wistful Hands supports artists by means of a free, promoted platform to sell their sheet music.
  2. Artists support Wistful Hands by sharing their personal Wistful Hands page with fans, friends, and family.
  3. By telling people about Wistful Hands, other artists get noticed by fans of the original artist, which means artists are also helping fellow artists.
  4. In turn, Wistful Hands continues to support all the artists.

In short, Wistful Hands helps artists help artists help Wistful Hands help artists help artists. That’s a lot of love.

Things to Know Before You Apply

We work only with Modern Classical piano artists

Currently, we are focusing on artists who compose solely in the realm of Modern Classical piano. This includes Neoclassical, Contemporary Classical, New Age, and similar genres. It can also include piano-fronted music with lite string arrangements in the background, synth beds, etc. As long as the music is Modern Classical in nature, piano is at the heart of it, and the piano part sounds lovely on its own, we’ll gladly sell it.

We like quality

Your sheet music must be accurate to its audio recording, easy to read, exist in high quality PDF format, and have 8.5″ x 11″ or A4 dimensions. You can sell other dimensions as well, but there must always be an 8.5″ x 11″ or A4 option. If you meet those requirements, your music is “Wistful Hands ready.”

If you need your music transcribed or copied into accurate, high quality sheet music, Wistful Hands offers music transcription services.

If you already work with a music transcriber who you know and love, that’s great! Just make sure that their work is accurate, easy to read, and pleasing to look at. We’re not too picky, but we do have a certain standard of quality to keep our customers happy. After reviewing your submission, we’ll let you know if there are any concerns.

You must own 100% of the rights to the music you plan on selling

We will not work with artists who don’t own the copyrights to the works that they plan on selling. In simple terms, if your music is original (meaning you haven’t copied another artist’s work), and you are the only composer of the work, then you can sell with us. If you are unsure about copyright, please read this article.

We prefer working with serious artists

That may sound intimidating, but don’t worry.

It DOES NOT mean that we only accept serious, heavy material or that music is your full-time career… Imagine a human living life as a full-time musician… yeah, right! 

What we DO mean is that we prefer working with artists who demonstrate dedication to their craft. This includes:

  • Having audio recordings online in places like Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, etc.
  • Posting frequently online to active social channels, advertising your music, growing your audience, submitting your music to playlists, blogs, and things like that.
  • Having a decent amount of sheet music to sell. We prefer at least 4 pieces that are “Wistful Hands ready,” but the more the better!

None of the above is a must, but it will definitely help with your chances of being accepted.

We like artists who show us some love

Remember that Cycle of Support?

Telling your fans, friends, and family about Wistful Hands is the best way to show us support and bring traffic to your page, and Wistful Hands in general.

Promoting your Wistful Hands artist shop will be mutually beneficial. You will earn more income from your sheet music, and W.H. will benefit by being able to keep this free service alive, which in turn will sustain your sales. It’s a pretty sweet cycle.

The bottom line is this: We help you to help us help you and other artists. Thanks in advance, and you’re welcome!

Ready to apply?

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