Wistful Hands is dedicated to Modern Classical piano music and supporting the composers and artists who pour their hearts and souls into creating it.

Wistful Hands operates on a cycle of support:

We help artists by giving them a completely free modern classical platform to sell their sheet music. It also markets the collective repertoire, and gives artists the larger share of each sale. Our commission helps to cover operating costs.

Artists support Wistful Hands by spreading the word to their fans.

And of course, we couldn’t do any of it without you- the musician, the fan, the student, the piano teacher. Buy purchasing from Wistful Hands, you are upholding the hardworking community of modern classical piano composers.

We take pride in the quality of sheet music we provide. Our high-quality PDFs look stunning on paper and work like a charm on digital devices and sheet music reading apps. And of course, we also aim to give you chills and waves of emotion when you sit down to play the music itself.

Sometimes we contact artists to work with us, and sometimes artists contact us. Either way, the final relationship must be mutual.

The artists who end up working with us are vetted on 3 levels:

  • Musicality and emotion
  • Sheet music readability, playability, and aesthetic
  • Dedication to modern classical piano music and musical output

By upholding these standards, we are much more confident in the quality of sheet music we provide to our customers. We can also rest assured that our artists’ dedication will pay off.

Wistful Hands was founded in 2022.


“When your wistful hands have forgotten their purpose, let them play.”

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